MBSR Mentorship

Are you beginning to develop and facilitate your own MBSR Programs?
Do you have questions about your program’s structure or content?
Are you currently teaching MBSR and need mentorship and support?
Would you like to consult about your business development strategies?

For Current and Future MBSR Teachers

As an outgrowth of being an experienced MBSR teacher, Managing Director at the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness, and founder and manager of the Linkedin MBSR Group (with 7,000 members worldwide) I am offering personal MBSR program mentorship, for MBSR teachers.

“Offered in the spirit of promoting MBSR Program Integrity”

Personal MBSR mentorship sessions are available by Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or phone. Please Contact Allan Goldstein by email: allanmbsr@gmail.com or phone: 858.412.9281.

“Allan has been helpful and generous in his support and advice. He is eager to assist, he follows up on suggestions and he is keen to share his knowledge. His determination and belief in his work are evident.” Cheryl Rezek Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Psychology and Mindfulness/ Author, Dr Cheryl A Rezek / Life Happens

“Allan was very helpful and responsive in guiding me in my search for a center for mindfulness in my country. I am happy to recommend him for advice.” Marta Santaeulària


6 responses to “MBSR Mentorship

  1. Rachel Rivard


    I am affiliated with the University of Minnesota where we currently offer several MBSR programs. We have been contacted by vaious professionals in our community looking to receive mentorship on MBSR and how to integrate this into their own practices. I was wondering if you have any information on what a mentorship program may look like that you would be willing to share with us as we try to pilot this program. Any information or help you could offer is greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I will email a direct response to you.

  3. Mr. Goldstein,
    Are you still offering mentoring? If so, is it only for those whom are already MBSR instructors and/or have been through the formal training at UMass or is it open to aspiring instructors/clinicians whom have not had formal training? Thank you for your time.


    • Hi Meghan,

      I am offering MBSR mentoring and it is simply based on the future or current instructor’s needs for guidance or supervision. I consider each aspiring instructor’s intention, previous experience, and formal training without any prerequisite. If you would like to continue to explore mentoring please feel free to email me directly at allanmbsr@gmail.com.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi,

    I would like to become a MBSR-Coach.
    I’m from Austria (not Australia 😉 ) and would like to do it somewhere in the USA – prefered in Hawaii.
    Would be very kind, if you could send me any Information about it.
    king regards

  5. Hi Guenter,

    I would be happy to arrange a Skype consultation call with you to advise you on your journey of becoming an MBSR teacher/coach in the US. Having been blessed to have spent 14 years on the Island of Oahu before joining the UCSD Center for Mindfulness I have a lot of information to share. If you are interested in a 1-hour Skype consultation please email me directly at allanmbsr@gmail.com.

    Warm regards,

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