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Coming Home Research Project

I’m participating in an amazing experience with my close friend and colleague Steven Hickman Psy.D. Director of the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. We are co-teaching the first ever Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program presented in the virtual world of Second Life for a research project called Coming Home.

Coming Home uses the power of online virtual worlds to create …a place of
camaraderie and healing for returning United States military veterans –
a virtual space that can help them deal with problems related to their
time of service and also assist in their reintegration into society.


Coming Home

The Coming Home research project for veterans includes an innovative 8-week MBSR program. This research project takes place in the virtual world Second Life. Through the use of avatars in Second Life veterans, who might not have access to an MBSR program, are able to experience the full range of its benefits.

MBSR Discussed in Congress

Congressmen Ryan discusses MBSR and mindfulness-based interventions for schools with Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius.

Another sign of the growing mainstream recognition of MBSR and mindfulness-based interventions.

MBSR Program at Army Health Clinic

Health Care WorkersOur next formal 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program will be held for health care practitioners. located at the Schofield Barracks Army Health Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii.