magnificenceMy friend, a “Hawaiian Healer,” has a wonderful perspective. He views us all as magnificent beings. One way he acknowledges this is by speaking in a “language of magnificence.”

He has a mindful way of framing things when he makes a mistake which simultaneously speaks of his human nature while continuing to honor his inner wholeness. Instead of groveling in apology, without arrogance, he says, “It must have been a slip in my magnificence.”


7 responses to “Magnificence

  1. Our beloved and regal Kahuna Leon Kalili
    “Danced on the earth touching the hearts of many”
    APRIL 54 – SEPT 2009
    I just got back from a special memorial for Kahuna Leon Kalili, it was a Unity church in Tustin. And Daniel O’Hara, master Pranic Heaing teacher and Cynthia R. facilitated it. He has passed thru the veils, in Sept. 09′ and his ashes were sent from Las Veas, NV where he died and was cremated, to the big Island of HI. His ashes have been spread there. We listened to an old tape he made in 1995, “Honoring your Magnificence with Master Leon Kalili”, the cut was “Breathe of Life” Man…it was sooo beautiful & profound, we are going to try to copy the tape to a cd and will let people know when that is done. At the end, Kalili was in a coma, and came out of it to relay to a friend that was at his bedside, to write or record the following he wanted to share with everyone:

    As I look onto our planet
    I see and feel the love of all my beautiful friends who became my families.
    It was an excellent journey,
    I loved and was loved deeply…
    I know this.
    Life was joyous and full – and yes sometimes – it was real challenge
    I had so much I still wanted to do
    and now I will do so much more, everywhere I am…
    I am here for you…just ask!
    My bliss filled love, honor and joy is with all,
    you are each magnificence in my life.
    Even though of you I haven’t yet met.
    Tone with me one last time..for now!
    Please pass his message on to others that knew him and my not know he has left us.
    Thank you,
    Peace & Blessing

  2. Dear Allan
    Could you see that Lisa sees this. I just stumbled onto this page after looking for my wonderful teacher, Kahuna Leon Kalili. I did not know he had passed and am devastated at the news. Dearest Lisa this is Lisa should remember me. Long red hair and I took classes with you in the Learning Light Foundation.This is to tell you that I am here for you and had I known what was going on I’d have been there for the both of you. Please feel free to contact me.
    Allan could you please forward my email to Lisa? Thank you for your time.
    Lisa LaPorte

  3. I’ll always remember Leon’s humor. We shared a home here in Hilo.
    He was awesome.

  4. Allan I was without internet and a computer for quite a long time and e-mails had been shut down for me and all emails lost. I had no way to contact Lisa, Leon’s much loved friend as well as mine. I will give an email that is currently active. (I have no recollection of which email I gave you to give to Lisa. ) Please could you try again for me? I managed to reactivate one but never got any messages. Thanks so much for caring! I am also on facebook as well.

  5. Sorry for typos! please correct i was talking to a friend while i was typing!

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