How Do We Become Wise?


After a long hard climb up the mountain, the spiritual seekers

finally found themselves in front of the great teacher.

Bowing deeply, they asked the question burning inside them for so long:

How do we become wise?

There was a long pause until the teacher emerged from meditation.

Finally the reply came, “Good choices.”

“But teacher, how do we make good choices?”

“From experience,” responded the wise one.

“And how do we get experience?”

“Bad choices,” smiled the teacher.


4 responses to “How Do We Become Wise?

  1. Simply beautiful, Allan, and very timely for me! Mahalo.

  2. Rainbow Warrior

    Well put Allen, But what do you do with those who repeat the “Bad Choices” over and over oh wise one. I have noted over the years there are those who think the Bad Choices are the best choices and for all intense and purposes, they just can’t be swayed to realize, those Bad Choices affect millions of people. Seem those who make those Bad Choices repeatedly, are unable to fathom the impact on others.
    As to the Question you posed: Anything is possible if you can persuade all that is it is for the good of all.
    Is it possible to do that? Hate is very overpowering. Peace is fleeting. Love and understanding the key. What is done in the name of Peace as they call it, will lead back to those who repeat the Bad Choices.
    War is never a road to Peace. The air water and land that is contaminated is contaminated for years. When the wind blows so does the Contamination.
    What dismays me is the foolish notion that somethings only harm others, when in fact the very thing they do to others is in fact harming oneself.
    If I contaminate your back yard and you are my neighbour, I am contaminating my own yard as well. So what I do to you will will affect me as well.
    Would I be dumb enough to contaminate my neighbours yard in the name of Peace?
    My Choice Would be NO.
    When the Wind Blows it goes. The Wind carries pollutants for thousands of miles.
    So in essence contaminating your yard also would contaminate all the neighbours yards for thousand of miles around.
    Now that would anger a lot of the neighbours wouldn’t it.
    The UN’s hands are tied as long as the US governement blocks them.
    Now there is a neighbour that loves to contaminate yards. They repeat the same “Bad Choices” and encourage other to as well. Of course it’s is for power and profit. But they are also killing their own to do so. They pollute everyone’s yard.

    Earth is the Oasis for Peace. We must protect it from those who make Bad Choices. All people from all countries must say no to War. Otherwise earth will be so contaminated by Radiation and Toxic waste we will all perish.
    Mother Earth is our home. Without her we have nothing.

  3. I agree everything is interconnected. Separation is an illusion.

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